REVIEW- Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51

I really do have such a love-hate relationship with Bourjois. I love the products, hate the colour range. I have what my mum likes to call "very traditional Irish colouring", sometimes referred to as 'Black Irish', i.e very dark hair, very pale skin (with a fair few freckles in my case) and green eyes. I actually quite like having pale skin, I never fake tan (the amount of disasters I've had could make up an entire blog!) or try to change the colour of my skin, I much prefer to embrace the pale, which is incredibly hard when NO foundations are light enough!!!! Yes, yes I know that brands such as Illumasqua and Chanel cater for all shades,  but I really would rather stick with a brand I know and love, particularly one that doesn't cost a fortune.

Anyway, when I was a few years younger, I was utterly clueless about what sort of colour foundation I should be wearing, so I ended up buying beige foundations which was a massive mistake; orange face + white neck = tide line + very silly looking girl. As the years have moved on, my knowledge of make up has improved mainly through trial and error (and a very honest mother), so I realised I needed a much paler foundation. I firstly bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51- Vanille Clair, it was okay.. it smells absolutely gorgeous and fresh, it applies easily, it wasn't massively long-lasting but I was overall impressed. I still didn't feel entirely happy with it though so I turned to the Healthy Mix Foundation (I'm now on my second bottle), also in the shade 51.

  • Firstly, the foundation combined with the primer I've reviewed here is a match made in heaven. Seriously, they go so well together! I started off persevering with this purely because I couldn't find another foundation that is pale enough from a dependable brand, but as the months go on, I've taken a shine to this product.
  • This is the lightest shade Bourjois do and it's still unfortunately too dark for my skin, but as I'm only using a little bit over my moisturiser/primer it spreads out fairly evenly and just about works.  
  • The finish of this foundation is dewy and very natural, it can be light but is generally medium coverage, definitely buildable (however it can look a bit congealed if too much is applied so one layer is best). It's probably best for normal to combination skin, it wouldn't be the best choice for oily skin but works well on dry skin as it doesn't cling to any slightly drier areas.
  • The packaging is genius, you can see exactly how much you have left, and at £8ish, it's a reasonable price to pay. Oh, and it smells equally as lovely as the Serum.

Wearing Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 + Revlon Just Bitten in Crush. Apologies for the unruly eyebrows, tonight will be a much needed pamper night!

MESSAGE TO REVLON: One of my pet make-up peeves is when foundation bottles come without a pump. Regardless of how amazing the reviews might be or how light the shade is (cough Colorstay in Ivory cough cough), I refuse to tip foundation onto my hand. If anyone knows where you can a pump for Revlon foundations, please let me know!!

REVIEW- Nivea Daily Essentials Range// Cleanser and Toner

Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash £3.59

Another really good product from this range- the cleanser. I bought the one for dry and sensitive skin, they also have one for normal and combination skin but it's in slightly different packaging and the reviews for the one I bought were like 4/4.5 out of 5, it's easy to see why. I don't actually have dry or sensitive skin, it's definitely more normal/combination but lately because of the ridiculous temperatures that we have here in England, my cheeks in particular have been getting a little dry, so really this was quite a convenient buy!

The product is a white creamy lotion flecked with pink granules which aren't too rough on the skin. It feels quite nice to apply but don't expect it to lather up because it won't, it's just not that kind of product, but it leaves the skin feeling so so soft and refreshed, and like the other products in the range, it's fairly cheap and really good value for money.

2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner £3.59

So this is a bit of a weird one it has to be said, but once you can get past the smell (fresh but a little bit too 'doctor's surgery'), it's actually a nice product. For certain days.. it's not really a daily essential. Basically I find that this product does leave skin feeling moisturised and fresh and all that, but I've been using this for a month or so now and I don't feel that the toner part of the product is really up to scratch. Not compared to my inexpensive and cherished Simple Soothing Facial Toner, anyway. But perhaps that's just the way the product is meant to be. Also Nivea claims it can either be "removed with a cotton pad or water"- ignore the cotton pad part, I find it works best in the shower, and after having just taken it off with a cotton pad, my skin had that 'it's still there' feeling, not great. Alas, I will persevere because the rest of the range has been so good and maybe all it needs is time.

Oh, and again, I jumped on the bandwagon a bit with this one- really good ratings on the Superdrug website, and I don't think they do a dry skin equivalent, though it doesn't massively matter with this product.

(Okay, I'm aware I may be sounding a bit like a product-pusher promoter sort of person for Nivea, I'm really not, I just love this range. There are certain Nivea products that I don't agree with at all so please don't go thinking I'm affiliated with them in any way!)

Some February Favourites!

About three/four times a year, I'll get a big make up/skin care delivery from Superdrug. Stocked full of my absolute essentials, new products and a few high-end goods too, these deliveries are definitely my favourite kind. There were a few stand-out products that I ordered in January/picked up on various shopping trips over the past month which I'd like to share:

Firstly, these eyelash curlers from qvs were cheap and cheerful, they look pretty sophisticated and come with two extra silicon bits just in case- 
They are really comfortable to grip and the silicon is really easy to clean, I can't see these breaking anytime soon even though they were an absolute steal and the bargain price of.... £3.00!

I am absolutely loving Vaseline's 'Rosy Lips' balm. I'm really not a fan of the little pots of Vaseline- far too messy and fiddly, so this balm stick is perfect! It gives a very sheer moisturised look but is also buildable to a 'wine-stained' look, which is still subtle and natural looking.

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable in the shade Crush is another top product this month. Like the Vaseline balm, it is also buildable, though starts off a little more intense. After a few coats, the shade is quite a deep plummy red colour (quite a vamped up look), and the balminess of the product means that it is super moisturising and very long-lasting! It doesn't even transfer onto glasses straight after application, which is a bonus. I quite like the Chubby Stick style too- a good drugstore dupe for Clinique!

Crush is the darker red colour (about £8), and 'Rosy Lips' is the more natural paler colour, for a bargain price of £1.29!                                   
Another product that I'm surprisingly loving this month (jumping on the bandwagon again..) is Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1- Fair. I spent about half a year searching for this product in my local drugstores, to no avail. I also tried getting it online but it was sold out everywhere, so annoying! Finally I went to Lakeside, which is about an hour's drive from my house- a long way to go to get concealer- and found it. I'm not a lover of liquid concealers for anything except under-eye usage so I hadn't really planned on getting much use of this but boy, was I wrong. I haven't really used this much under my eyes mainly because they don't need it and it's a bit fiddly to rub in, but it is an amazing product for blemishes. I like to dot it on over/under my foundation and then just pat it in and it really does stay on all day and covers everything really well. My only slight critique, other than the fact that it's impossible to find, is that it dries quickly on the skin, so it's advisable to blend it in fairly quickly. Other than that, I'd rate it a 10/10.


REVIEW- Nivea Daily Essentials Range// Express Hydration Primer

I've been having a little browse online, and I haven't really found any reviews of this range from any of my favourite beauty bloggers, so I've decided to take it upon myself to let people know about this really lovely new range from Nivea.

On my most recent Superdrug haul, despite being brand new, almost the entire range was on some sort of sale! I really wanted to get a new primer and some cleansing face products to have as my inbetween-tryingtofindgoodproducts-products, so I chucked them in my basket and whizzed them home, not expecting too much... They are now some of my most prized products and I'll definitely be repurchasing!

Nivea Daily Essentials- Express Hydration Primer £3.99

Firstly, I should probably say that I'm not a huge fan of primers. When they first came out I thought the concept was a bit strange (moisturiser AND primer AND foundation- all on one face?! Not me!), so I avoided them; then one Christmas a distant relative that worked in Boots bought me GOSH's Velvet Touch Primer (at least I think that's what it was called)- I absolutely hated it. It caked on my skin and when I tried to rub it in, some of it clung desperately to my face, but most of it just flaked away and left my skin feeling not very fresh and a bit gross. The next one I bought was a fairly recent purchase, Witch's Skin Clearing Primer, I might do another review of that actually, but the general conclusion I came to was that it just didn't appear to do anything. Anyway, this is the best primer that I could ever even dream of! There are just so many lovely things to say about it so I'll bullet point them:

  • It's a primer AND a moisturiser, cutting out the middle man completely, making it much quicker, cheaper and convenient. It also means you don't end up left with a really heavy feeling face, because the texture is so light and really does just feel like a moisturiser, though it acts as a primer. 
  • It is super cheap! Loads of other primers are a bit too extortionate I think, but this, along with the rest of the range, is affordable.
  • The packaging is a bonus too, it's in a glass pot, and though it may not look like much (it contains 50mls), you really don't need much each time so it's definitely worth the money.
  • Probably my absolute favourite thing about this product is that it doesn't let my foundation oxidize and go a horrible orange colour, so how my face looks in the morning is exactly how it looks in the evening.
  • I requested a sample of this from Nivea before purchasing it, just to see how good it really was and that's what won me over so if you aren't sure about it, they have been offering free samples galore lately!