REVIEW- Nivea Daily Essentials Range// Express Hydration Primer

I've been having a little browse online, and I haven't really found any reviews of this range from any of my favourite beauty bloggers, so I've decided to take it upon myself to let people know about this really lovely new range from Nivea.

On my most recent Superdrug haul, despite being brand new, almost the entire range was on some sort of sale! I really wanted to get a new primer and some cleansing face products to have as my inbetween-tryingtofindgoodproducts-products, so I chucked them in my basket and whizzed them home, not expecting too much... They are now some of my most prized products and I'll definitely be repurchasing!

Nivea Daily Essentials- Express Hydration Primer £3.99

Firstly, I should probably say that I'm not a huge fan of primers. When they first came out I thought the concept was a bit strange (moisturiser AND primer AND foundation- all on one face?! Not me!), so I avoided them; then one Christmas a distant relative that worked in Boots bought me GOSH's Velvet Touch Primer (at least I think that's what it was called)- I absolutely hated it. It caked on my skin and when I tried to rub it in, some of it clung desperately to my face, but most of it just flaked away and left my skin feeling not very fresh and a bit gross. The next one I bought was a fairly recent purchase, Witch's Skin Clearing Primer, I might do another review of that actually, but the general conclusion I came to was that it just didn't appear to do anything. Anyway, this is the best primer that I could ever even dream of! There are just so many lovely things to say about it so I'll bullet point them:

  • It's a primer AND a moisturiser, cutting out the middle man completely, making it much quicker, cheaper and convenient. It also means you don't end up left with a really heavy feeling face, because the texture is so light and really does just feel like a moisturiser, though it acts as a primer. 
  • It is super cheap! Loads of other primers are a bit too extortionate I think, but this, along with the rest of the range, is affordable.
  • The packaging is a bonus too, it's in a glass pot, and though it may not look like much (it contains 50mls), you really don't need much each time so it's definitely worth the money.
  • Probably my absolute favourite thing about this product is that it doesn't let my foundation oxidize and go a horrible orange colour, so how my face looks in the morning is exactly how it looks in the evening.
  • I requested a sample of this from Nivea before purchasing it, just to see how good it really was and that's what won me over so if you aren't sure about it, they have been offering free samples galore lately!

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