Some February Favourites!

About three/four times a year, I'll get a big make up/skin care delivery from Superdrug. Stocked full of my absolute essentials, new products and a few high-end goods too, these deliveries are definitely my favourite kind. There were a few stand-out products that I ordered in January/picked up on various shopping trips over the past month which I'd like to share:

Firstly, these eyelash curlers from qvs were cheap and cheerful, they look pretty sophisticated and come with two extra silicon bits just in case- 
They are really comfortable to grip and the silicon is really easy to clean, I can't see these breaking anytime soon even though they were an absolute steal and the bargain price of.... £3.00!

I am absolutely loving Vaseline's 'Rosy Lips' balm. I'm really not a fan of the little pots of Vaseline- far too messy and fiddly, so this balm stick is perfect! It gives a very sheer moisturised look but is also buildable to a 'wine-stained' look, which is still subtle and natural looking.

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable in the shade Crush is another top product this month. Like the Vaseline balm, it is also buildable, though starts off a little more intense. After a few coats, the shade is quite a deep plummy red colour (quite a vamped up look), and the balminess of the product means that it is super moisturising and very long-lasting! It doesn't even transfer onto glasses straight after application, which is a bonus. I quite like the Chubby Stick style too- a good drugstore dupe for Clinique!

Crush is the darker red colour (about £8), and 'Rosy Lips' is the more natural paler colour, for a bargain price of £1.29!                                   
Another product that I'm surprisingly loving this month (jumping on the bandwagon again..) is Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1- Fair. I spent about half a year searching for this product in my local drugstores, to no avail. I also tried getting it online but it was sold out everywhere, so annoying! Finally I went to Lakeside, which is about an hour's drive from my house- a long way to go to get concealer- and found it. I'm not a lover of liquid concealers for anything except under-eye usage so I hadn't really planned on getting much use of this but boy, was I wrong. I haven't really used this much under my eyes mainly because they don't need it and it's a bit fiddly to rub in, but it is an amazing product for blemishes. I like to dot it on over/under my foundation and then just pat it in and it really does stay on all day and covers everything really well. My only slight critique, other than the fact that it's impossible to find, is that it dries quickly on the skin, so it's advisable to blend it in fairly quickly. Other than that, I'd rate it a 10/10.



  1. I've been meaning to try the Revlon lip stains...I think I'm going to pick up some soon, that color looks lovely! And seeing your eyelash curler reminded me that I need to get a new one, hahaha.

    1. They are really nice, might have to invest in a few more colours!


  2. I have that exact lipstain and I love it! xoxo