One item, endless benefits..

Water- not in the form of rain- is probably my favourite thing about living in England. It's the only thing I drink except for the occasional glass of juice in summer or a festive hot chocolate in winter, and coming from a family that live on tea and coffee, I really do think plain old water is so underrated, so here are some of its seemingly obvious benefits:

I've never had perfect skin at all, there's always been breakouts or dryness or some sort of problem (literally the day one problem goes, another one will arise), so whenever I'm feeling like hiding in the corner for a week until my face is looking a bit nicer, I dash downstairs and down a few glasses of water- the effects are almost instant. My complexion is a lot brighter, my skin doesn't feel so tight, pores are minimised and any redness is reduced whilst breakouts begin to fade. If I'm having a particularly pesky skin day, I always drink a few glasses of water just before bed, and I'll bring a glass up with me too- eight hours later and it's like some sort of overnight miracle has happened!

Although healthy hair isn't an obvious benefit of drinking water, I really do feel that it helps so much. When I don't drink enough water, my hair is the first place it'll show. It becomes dry and limp and just feels a bit malnourished, but when I've had my 8 a day, oh boy, it really does show. My hair feels so much softer, manageable, and just generally healthier. 

Another random benefit of drinking water is that it just makes you feel so much better. If I'm having a rubbish day, feeling a little depressed or stressed, a glass of water just clears my head, calms me down and cheers me up (simple pleasures haha). Although I might sound totally weird for being so affected by water, it's one of those things you don't just realise until you try it, so if you're feeling stressed about exams or just feeling a little bit down, you know where to go!

Water is known to combat headaches, nausea and tiredness but that's not where the list ends! If you're trying to lose weight, drinking water should be a big component of your new diet as it boosts your metabolism, and if your joints are feeling a little stiff the day after a workout, or the day after sitting around doing nothing but watching TV (I confess, I fall into the latter category- is it okay to say that watching films is my favourite hobby?), water moisturises and protects everything in the body so there's no reason to not to try and increase your intake!

For all of you that are thinking "Why is she so obsessed with water!?!", the answer is easy. I sponsor a little girl in Haiti (bonjou Kinflore!) and in the letters she sends, she always tells me that there is no water in her village and that people have to walk miles and miles to get it. So whenever my sister moans about me "being boring" for ordering tap water in restaurants, or when my brothers complain that we don't have "anything to drink" when we have water so readily available, I like to remind them how lucky we are in comparison with other places.

So if you've just read all of this then firstly, thank you, and secondly, go and grab a glass! 


  1. I love drinking plain water as well! Nearly everyone tells me how much of a bore I am for just drinking that but I love it.

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out the post here :)

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Monica x

    1. Totally agree, I love how refreshing water is (it's actually the only thing that I drink)! And thank you :) I'll get around to do it at some point. Hope you had a lovely Easter x