REVIEW- Rimmel '60 Second' Nail Polish (Rose Libertine)

Oh my god. It is no secret that I love love love these polishes. Cheap, cheerful, long lasting (mine usually last a week or so without chipping), super easy to apply and in so many different shades- what's not to love?! So it will come as no surprise that I took a trip to my nearest boots after class on Monday and couldn't resist picking up two new shades, Rose Libertine (pictured- apologies for my horrible hand) and How Do You Lilac It.

I have been really into rose coloured/scented things lately, but I was a little bit apprehensive to try this as I hadn't yet found any pinkish nail polishes to suit my ghostly pale skin, so I was over the moon when this shade actually worked! I love that these polishes have quite a high-shine finish and the wide flat brush makes the application fool-proof: one stroke covers the nail, and two strokes per nail are all you need! Oh, and I genuinely did time how long it took for my nails to dry- a little over 60 seconds but that's still way faster than most brands! Do you own any of these, and if so, what's your favourite shade?


  1. It´s a beautiful shade. Sadly we don´t have that brand here anymore :)



    1. Aww no! I've been looking online to see if any international companies sell them (particularly ones with free delivery) but they seem pretty exclusive! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! The entire range is lovely x

  3. What a gorgeous colour........ You have lovely nails too

    Carrieanne x