Quick Layout Update

When I first joined Blogger a few months ago, I rushed through the whole layout side of things and went straight on to just writing posts but over the past week, I've been getting a bit bored of the same floral gradient- it was all just looking a bit clunky (it's a real word, honest!), so I've decided to have a bit of an update, chop 'n' change, you know the drill. 

It's not exactly what I had envisioned but it'll do for now, I might spend some time over the next week tweaking things, so if you do spot any disastrous changes then don't worry- I'm probably in-between layouts! Other than that, welcome to the new and improved (I hope) Student Beauty. Enjoy!

REN Skincare Haul & No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm Review

Eeeek, that is one beefy title. Last week, my skin was feeling a bit lackluster and in need of a good old deep cleanse. So I took an impulse trip over to REN, and all that I wanted were a few samples; luckily they have a really good offer through which you get two free samples with every purchase. I stalked the website for ages and, as a first-time buyer, couldn't find anything that was cheap and tester size until I found the kits for different skin types.
My skin type?.. Eh, I don't know, it varies. Right now, I'm claiming it to be normal/combination, but tomorrow it could be oilier, drier, or just anything really. So I went for the combination kit as that's what my skin feels like the majority of the time. The kit costs £12, but with a discount from mhoula (the 10% off one), I got it a slice cheaper at £10.80, not too shabby. Plus there was a deal for free delivery, added bonus. REN always have great deals on their website, currently you can get a free Radiance Duo with any order over £20, and the two trial sized products still applies, so you can save yourself a bundle- and that's what we're all about over here on Student Beauty!

No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm

Firstly, let's just take a minute to admire the packaging, mmm. I've been trying so hard lately to really sort out my cleansing routine, and so far I'm seeing and feeling the biggest difference and the best results, so something's definitely working! (There may be a post to come on that..) This cleanser just felt like my routine was becoming more and more complete,
and this has definitely claimed 'rotation worthy status' in my routine. Oh, and the trial 5ml size is a little deceptive as a little of this goes a long way, this teeny tiny little tube lasts a good three/four uses.

The actual product is like a clear, thick waxy balm that you massage into dry skin to 'melt away dirt and make up', before emulsifying with water, rinsing, and then gently patting dry with a towel. After using this, I've been using an acid-based cleanser to really deeply cleanse my skin, but I'm sure it'd be fine to use alone too. When smoothing this over my skin, it had a really satin/velvet texture to it and just felt absolutely gorgeous, and after rinsing it off, my face felt so smooth and refreshed- so much so, that I found myself inspecting my skin for ages afterwards in awe of it's 'oh so soft' feeling. The only slight downside to it is the fragrance as it's heavily rose-scented but if you're a floral lover like myself, this shouldn't be a problem!

Overall, REN is quickly becoming a new favourite of mine, although it pains me to say that the full size version of this is actually out of stock at the moment as they are reverting to the old packaging, but until it comes back (Summer 2013ish), I'll be right here.. waiting...
I'll be testing out all of the products I bought before deciding which to repurchase full size, so expect to see reviews of the other products to come soon. In the meantime, have any of you guys tried REN skincare? If so, what did you think? 


It's Wednesday, and we all know what that means (if the ridiculously obvious title hasn't given it away already, that is)... BOTW #3: (heads up, this is one for all you skincare nutcases *guilty*)

I have a notebook full of bloggers I've followed for ages/gems I've just found/blogs I've been recommended to read- the whole lot. All crammed into a few pages. So it makes it really difficult to choose just one person per week, but my blogger of the week today is Luce. I feel like I probably say this a whole lot but "oh my god I can't even" is making a reappearance. I love this beauty blog so much, for a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, the products that Lucy uses range from budget to a bit more high-end so there's something there for everyone; every review is meticulously detailed and honest (the best thing to find), and each post is written with an individual style, accompanied by gorgeous photos and a lovely minimalist layout.

So if this beauty blogger has made you all curious and whatnot, go and check out her page- linked here if you missed it the first time- you won't regret it!

My Statement Red Lip

I am one of those oddballs that wears red lipstick (think more plum, less tomato) in the day and the evening- so risqué- but here's the reason why: I went on a university road trip to Bath last year, and it was suggested that me that when I go to uni, I should have a statement, something that all of those fresh new faces can remember me by. Mum suggested headbands to which I sighed "That is soooo 2007; Blair Waldorf basically copyrighted headbands don't you know", then she came up with scarves- again, scoffed at with lots of tutting. Eventually, after I'd shot down about ten ideas, she stopped the suggestions. But my mind continued to wander, and I eventually settled on a red lip.

Ramble over! The evolution of my statement red lip, hereafter referred to as MSRL, stems from a trip to Accessorize a year or so back, in which I picked up the brightest red (I think it was called Really Red but I don't think it's available anymore). Anyway, I soon realised that I couldn't pull off a really bright red- maybe on the odd fancy dress occasion but certainly not everyday. So I evolved to Sugar Plum by Collection, which is a little bit more vampy and contains way too much shimmer for my liking...
My lips completely bare                                                       My lips with Crush JBKBS and Vaseline's 'Rosy Lips' Lip Therapy
                                                                                       (I know my face looks two different shades, it's just the lighting I think)
Accessorize 'Really Red'                                                                                                                Collection 'Sugar Plum'
Finally, I settled on MSRL (the current version) which is Revlon's JBKBS in 'Crush' topped with Vaseline's 'Rosy Lips', for a wearable yet memorable colour- and it suits my skin tone really nicely- the only reason I can generally get away with MSRL is that I don't really wear much eye make up at all (intense eyes + a red lip = make up overload).

So now, when I eventually get to uni, if people don't remember my name, I'll hopefully be remembered as 'the girl with the red lips', which is much better than some other names I can think of!

Do you have a statement look? Let me know in the comments below!

April's Non-Beauty Favourites & BOTW

I know I've been a bit all over the place with blog posts lately (I've not quite settled into a routine just yet), but there's just a few quick things from me today.. my April Non-Beauty Favourites!

Favourite TV show: Who's that show... who's that show? It's New Girl!

I was originally going to choose Broadchurch for this month but I realised it'd be a bit pointless as the series ends next Monday (but if you do want to catch up online, it's a crime-thriller about how a community cope with the loss of a boy, lots of guesswork and 'whodunnits'). Anyway, on to a lighter note, I love New Girl, have done since it's release over here was first announced and that obsession has grown with each episode. Zooey Deschanel's comic style is just an overload of cuteness and funny (major girl crush) and the boys in the series just make it even better. You don't need to be a life-long follower to understand the show, and Season 2 Episode 3 is on at 9pm on E4 next Tuesday.. clear the schedules for some prime-time viewing!

Monthly music favourites: Brandon and Leah a.k.a Cronies

I have a pretty varied music taste, and that's not to mean that I don't care about what I listen to, but more that I really enjoy listening to lots of things, from classical to country, from pop to rock, really I have favourites in most categories (except screamo/heavy metal, never quite understood the appeal there).

I only found out about these two recently so I suppose this post is a little bit capricious but I don't think I'll regret it. This duo have produced some quite relaxing songs- think MIC soundtrack worthy. It took a few songs for me to really get into Leah's voice but now I really like it for a bit of background music/night-time relaxation. My favourite song of theirs- and one that has been replayed a whole lot over the past few days- "You're So Cold" but I've only dipped my toe into their music, there's lots to discover.

Website of the Month: Cult Beauty

If you frequent beauty blogs, you've probably heard of Cult Beauty so I needn't say too much more. The 'What's New' page is constantly updated with bloggers favourites and new product launches etc. I find it really nice to have a collection of a beauty blogger's favourite bits- it really narrows down the choice. Plus there are lots of free gifts and goodies to be found, so if you're in need of a cult product, head on over here and check it out!

Favourite Post: Rosie's Uni Advice

So helpful and a must-read for anyone like me that's going through the whole pre-university phase. It's scary stuff but this post makes everything seem a bit simpler and I came away feeling a lot more relieved and- dare I say it?- optimistic. With a few little jokes here and there, some girly advice and just some really nice shared experience, Rosie's uni advice, in keeping with the rest of her blog, is just a really nice stress-free read.

BOTW #2: Becky (milkbubbletea)

 photo sidebar_zps33e52063.pngMy highly coveted (haha) weekly award strikes again, this time I'd like to mention Becky's blog this time, which isn't strictly a beauty blog, more of an all around lifestyle/baking/fashion blog with some extra beauty bits included- my favourite type of blog to be honest.

I love this blog so much that it has an important place in my bookmarks so that it's just that bit easier to find. It also makes for a really easy and relaxing read and I do think there's something there for everyone so please check it out and enjoy!

Bit of a warning for you all: simply reading the food section of this blog makes me feel a bit guilty, there are so many scrummy desert recipes, it's hard to resist temptation (to give you some sort of idea what I mean, her most recent post is for mint aero chocolate cupcakes. must.. resist...)

I'm not sure if people enjoy these sorts of posts or not- feel free to let me know in the comments below- but I think it's nice to have a bit of an insight into people's minds sometimes and maybe you can come away with something new to discover, besides, you know what they say: sharing's caring!

Drugstore mini-haul: Make Up #1

On Wednesday, I went for a little shop in Boots and Superdrug whilst waiting for my brother to meet me for lunch, and these are a few of the beauty purchases that I picked up!

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara- Black

A little bit too close up for my liking but nevertheless, voila!
I'm not a huge mascara wearer, I have dark, long lashes naturally so it's something I really can do without, but I'm a sucker for good advertising, so after hearing Anna rave about this in numerous blog posts and videos, it somehow fell into my shopping basket- oops. Anyhow, I got home and slapped this bad boy on.

I'm not entirely sure what I had expected, but I didn't anticipate the mascara feeling so heavy on my lashes (maybe it just felt heavy because I don't usually wear it, not too sure) but other than that, I was suitably impressed. Volumising? Check. Lengthening? Check. That lovely no-clumps allowed formula? Check.

UPDATE: After trying the mascara on a second time, it wasn't heavy at all- I must have just been really tired the first time!

Tangle Teezer- Orange

I've had this on my list for quite some time, but I was never really certain about buying it- I've been pretty happy with my current hairbrush collection- but again, curiosity slayed me. Now, I've only tried this out for a few days now but I'm not a fan yet. My hair is pretty thick and long, quite similar to Zoella's I'd imagine, so when I ran this through my hair, I just felt like it was picking up the very outer layer of my hair and leaving the rest a tangled mess underneath. I even felt the need to grab my usual brush and start again.

There is a silver lining though, as ever, in that I did find it to be more effective on towel-dried hair and it was also easier to use to brush out a ponytail. Overall, I'd really recommend this for anybody with fine to medium hair- it worked a dream on my mum, who has relatively fine hair- but for those with thick hair, you may want to give a try before you buy.

If you wanted to try out a similar product that is actually designed for different hair types, check out Michael Mercier's brushes.. (I'm tempted to order this one because it comes with some free goodies).

Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl Kajal- Taupe

Taupe on the top, Bad Girl Bronze underneath
 I'm blaming this lovely blogger for this purchase, because the make-up in this post made me ahhh and awww so much that I made a plan to buy most of the products she used- the list is doing well, my bank balance.. not so much. Anyway, I really really like this. It gives a very subtle depth to the eyes without looking or feeling too heavy, so it's perfect for a 'barely there' look, with a colour that stays put for a while. I've not been getting much sleep lately and my eyes have been looking very worse for wear, so I'm also ordering this in Nude to brighten up my eyes without all the hassle of tea bags and cucumber slices! At £3.99 each, you can't really go wrong!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Stick- Bad Girl Bronze

I picked this up on a whim after seeing it in one of Ruth's videos and it really is pretty darn good for a 'quick fix' product, just to add a bit of smokiness to the eye. I like to thickly line my upper lash line with it before using my little finger to blend it upwards for a subtle everyday look, though it can definitely be build up for a more intense eye. I got mine in Boots' 3 for 2 on Rimmel deal, but I think it's around the £6 mark. Definitely worth it if you've not got much time in the mornings!

As you can see above, I also bought the new Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (Radiance Reveal), but I've already got a separate review planned for that one that will be going up in a few days, and the same applies for a skincare haul which I am currently gathering some ideas for.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what did you think?

I've not disappeared completely...

My whole family (that's right, grandparents, parents, brother and sister) have all swanned off on a lovely cruise around the Canaries, Azores and Morocco, which is lovely for them, but not so lovely for little miss me that didn't get an invite- can you tell I'm still bitter about it? Is it that obvious?

So what that means is that I have no camera but lots of interesting ideas and blog posts in my 'Drafts' section, but I'm waiting for them to come home so that I can pounce on our trusty Canon and take some snaps. I went on a mini-shopping spree today before going out for lunch with my brother (today has been one of those bank-breaking days, naughty me) so I will be uploading a haul at some point. When shopping, I went to renew my holy grail Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation- the original, I couldn't find it anywhere.. so I decided to try out the new and apparently improved Healthy Mix Foundation- review to follow. 

Does anybody know if the new Healthy Mix Foundation has replaced the old one? I'm doubtful but a smidge hopeful too.

Oh, and to finish, my new segment (I've been watching way too much Ellen)- Blogger of the week!

BOTW this week is Lottie Kerr (to the right), I have been following her blog for a month or so now and ugh, it is just so amazing. From the layout to the detail of the posts, from the high focus snaps to her professional yet personable style of writing, everybody should definitely check her blog out, I guarantee you'll love it just as much as I do!