I've been so busy over the last few days with meetings, revision and the like that I completely forgot to do my BOTW yesterday, ooops! Anyway, this week's finds are a spontaneous nomination, and ones that I'm definitely looking forward to sharing with you all...

Okay, so I've actually got two favourites this week; the first one is Gabriella, a new beauty youtuber who is just so much fun to watch. Her channel is relatively new so I'd advise checking out a few videos and then, of course, subscribe! She is so funny and comes across as a lovely person too, you won't regret it..

ABOUTMy second favourite is actually a blog, and a pretty well-known one at that. Stefanie's blog claims to be a 'life, style and beauty' one, and it makes for a really relaxing read (in my opinion). The reviews are in depth, her taste in fashion is bang-on and once again, the photography is just perfect. The posts are fairly regular and always interesting; it's definitely one of those 'stop what you're doing and read' blogs, so give in to curiosity and check it out!

Hope you're all having a lovely day!


  1. ohhh thank you! this made me smile! :) hope you're well XXX

    1. No problem, glad you liked it! xxx