I have my A2 French oral exam today which means a day of revision, so blogging will probably be at the back of my mind all day so I thought I'd get this post up this morning instead (can anybody tell I should be revising right now? Procrastination is the bane of my life).

IMG_4204My pick for this week is Amelia, the very first person that I followed on bloglovin'- who many of you probably already know or have seen featured in a few blogs and YouTube videos lately. The main reason that I chose Amelia's blog today, although it's pretty well known, is because she announced yesterday that she has joined the vlogging community- eeeeek! Her first video went up yesterday, and you can find it here. Simply clicking on Amelia's blog feels to me like a luxury click, and everything in her posts; from the writing to the photography to the layout is in keeping with that atmosphere as it really makes for such a luxurious read- but don't be fooled by the sophisticated appearance, there are some budget buys and drugstore picks here too. Hopefully if you hadn't heard of this blog before now, you'll check it out and be very impressed, I'm sure of it*!

*Guaranteed satisfaction- check.

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