Maybelline Colour Tattoo- Permanent Taupe Review

So I'm a little late the bandwagon with this, but as a non eyeshadow-wearer, hopefully that can be forgiven as Stefanie's review of this just sold it so well (advertiser's dream, I know).. so I just had to see if it was worth the hype.

The packaging is quite nice, a little bit chunky considering the actual amount of product but for me, glass is usually a winner!
 For a taupe product, the colour was dead on in the tub,  but when I swatched it onto my finger, it suddenly went a bit more grey and less taupe-like (even greyer than in the picture above), which was a bit of a disappointment as a lot of people have apparently had this problem, but on application I actually really liked this product. Quick, easy and blendable with some lasting power- hence the Tattoo part of the name I guess.  The amount of product you actually need is a little bit deceptive, as I found a little goes a long way with this. I used my ring finger to blend this onto my eyelid in an upwards motion and it slid on effortlessly (yay!). It gives quite a subtle matte finish but is definitely buildable for a more intense, smoky eye- I'm looking forward to using this on a night out.
Eye on the left bare, eye on the right with Permanent Taupe
And that's the finished result (please ignore my bed hair) - overall, I was quite impressed; it gives a subtle taupe tint to the eyelid, I just wish it was a little more on the brown side- oh well, I guess that's an excuse to buy some more- isn't it?


  1. I'm also doing French A-level, what Uni are you applying to? Anyways, really enjoy your blog, I think your writing style is so natural and conversational that it makes it easy to read -and fun! Have a lovely day x

    1. Ooh, salut! It's a little bit complicated, I withdrew my application to take a gap year so I'm reapplying this year instead for 2014 entry i.e I have absolutely no idea where to go/what to do, where have you applied to? And thank you so much, comments like that really do make my day :) xx