Okay, I've been a rubbish blogger lately due to revision and exams but as they're all over, I thought I'd catch up with my blogger of the week posts; it's reached the eighth week now and I'm unfortunately a few days behind, oops! On with the post..

It's innovative, fresh, simple and always on trend. What is it? It's Lillian's blog of course! I actually mentioned Parisian To Be in my blogger related post last week, but I definitely need to go into more detail on this one because it is just such a gem. Overall, I am so over the moon that I managed to find Lillian's blog; particularly as she's from the US, so, as a daily read with a notepad and pen, I can make a note about new releases from over the pond.. but the main reason why I love love love this blog is because it is just so current! If I ever fancy reading more about any hyped up brand/product, this is my go-to place; I actually think I like/want to try every single product that has ever featured on this blog, and that's saying something. Naturally, photography is top drawer (think simplistic with beautiful flowers and general creativeness), every post is personable and it just makes for a really lovely read.

This blogger is definitely one to watch, every time I surf her page there's more comments and more followers- both deserved for all the hard work she puts in! A post went up this morning on how to keep updated with Lillian's posts, so be sure to check that out.

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