Pixi Glow Tonic Experience

My now-empty bottle of GT *weeps and desperately awaits 'available in stock' message*
Eeeek I am too excited about this post. I ventured into central London the other day to visit a couple of universities; one of which (Westminster) was conveniently situated on Regent Street. For those of you that don't know, Pixi's flagship store is in Foubert's Place, which is very very near to Regent Street- I basically could not resist picking up this massively coveted but rather exclusive product. On entering the teeny tiny shop, I was literally ecstatic to see that there were a ton of Glow Tonics in stock; they are often out of stock (more on that in a minute) and I have been dying to get my hands on one of these bad boys for what feels like forever. The lovely shop assistant and I got talking a little bit about the brand.. basically a very miniature interview- in which SA = shop assistant and SB = Student Beauty, a.k.a myself:

SB: I'm so glad to see there are some of these available, I might need to stock up for the future!

SA: Please, feel free to! Haha, the reason why these take so long to make is because each and every product is handmade. We would rather ensure that we perfect our items and take the time and effort to do it right; although it takes more time, we think it's definitely better than mass-producing a not so well cared for item.

SB: Rightfully so, this definitely seems like really good value for money- what's your secret?

SA: We haven't upped the price for any of our products since the shop opened thirteen years ago; we've had no reason to- many brands charge higher amounts every year for the exact same formula, but we don't see the point in that, and that's why we have such loyal customers.

SB: Completely agree. I've not used this before, any tips on how to make the best of it?

SA: Yes! This definitely works best with a hydrating toner over the top; as the product is quite exfoliating, you need a way to ensure that moisture is kept to an optimum level. Using a moisturiser afterwards is okay, but for the best results, use a hydrating toner too. Oh, and this is gentle enough to use day and night, so don't worry about it being too much for the skin- it won't be.

After a chat about Caroline Hirons and how much of a goddess she is, the shop assistant very delicately packaged the Glow Tonic and gave me some samples of their Beauty Primer which I have yet to use and sent me on my way. So, onto the aim of the product and why it's become such an exciting thing to own: I'm not going to ramble on but instead share with you all this post by aforementioned goddess CH (it talks through all of the history/ingredients analysis/benefits). It's an exfoliating toner- wave goodbye to those apricot kernels *cringe* and generic 'scrubs', this is the way forward.

So I have been easing my skin into using this every other evening, taking two or so pumps onto a cotton pad and wiping over my face (avoiding the eye area completely) post-cleanse before the hydrating toner step. Despite the claims that it is gentle enough to use much more regularly, I really don't think it's necessary to use it day and night and may prove to be just a little bit too overwhelming for sensitive skin. Immediately after applying this, it actually does feel like there's something gently eating away at my face- but fear not, although that probably sounds odd, it is incredibly satisfying- there's nothing better than actually feeling a product work. In the morning, my skin just feels incredibly smooth, clear, and a whole lot healthier.. even after just a couple of uses. My skin has never looked clearer; I've heard many a claim that this is amazing in treating acne so if you're blemish-prone, please give this a go!

The smell is a little bit odd and I seriously cannot describe it, I assume it's the ginseng that smells so strong but it fades very quickly and isn't really unpleasant. My main niggle with this is the packaging unfortunately; despite the 'no-frills' attitude (no box, simplistic labelling), the pump can be a bit tricky to work with- best tip is to hold the cotton pad all around the pump to avoid it going everywhere. I suppose it is a bit of a pain that these are only sold in their flagship store, but they can be ordered via mail/phone, at a delivery cost that varies (£4.50 for UK customers). Neither of these things concern me anywhere near enough to outweigh the benefits though.

Overall? amazing. Just amazing. The price alone is very very good for what the product actually is but if £16 sounds like too much for you, particularly if you can't access London, an alternative that I ordered the other day is Mario Badescu's Glycolic Acid Toner which is £12, pretty similar but perhaps not as effective (Mario Badescu actually has quite a few good products so definitely check out the entire range). Sorry for the ramble but this is just such a good toner, hats off to Pixi for creating something that has become an absolute essential in my skincare routine.

Have you tried an exfoliating toner to rival this one, and if so, which one? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I really want to try this, if i can ever get my hands on it!!


    1. It is so exclusive, I wish they sold it online! Hope you can find it :) xx

  2. This sounds absolutely amazing - now if only I could hop on a plane to London to buy one for myself! :) I recently started to follow Caroline's blog and it's absolutely fantastic reading.

    1. Completely agree, she is a goddess! There are a few good dupes, I'm really loving the similar one by Mario Badescu and I know that's much more accessible so perhaps have a look into getting that? :) xx

  3. great review! I really want to try this so much! x

  4. I recently purchased this online (yay they sell online now!) and am loving it! I didn't know it was best with a moisturising toner over the top so I'll try that soon :) thanks for the post xx


  5. I'm visiting London in a couple of days. Could you tell me if Regent Street is close to oxford street? It's my first time in London. Would really like to get hold of a GT!