I've not done a BOTW in over a month oh ma goodnezzz- but this week I'm bringing you guys a serious contender for the spotlight.. readers, say hello to Tammie from Lipstick With Some Sunshine.

I actually discovered this blog via Instagram and was smitten at first glance. Photography is just absolutely flawless, perfect and amazing- it just makes everything look so much more professional (oh, have I mentioned it's a beauty blog yet? I think the name gives it away slightly!).. Posts are perfection, writing personable but succinct, and the products Tammie reviews/mentions/hauls whatever, are just so wishlist-worthy.

Just to give you all a little sneak peak preview of her blog, here's a snapshot of her last three posts:

First up, Prepping The Base
Next, Lisa Eldridge Approved
Finally, What's In My Summer Make-Up Bag

See? Didn't I tell you it's just heavenly?! You all need to head over and check it out for yourselves.. here it is once more for anybody that's missed it thus far.

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