La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Review

After hearing about this for ages, I caved into the old hype and picked it up a few months back. I literally had no idea what to expect because, to be honest, I just didn't really get what the product actually does. It claims to be a 'corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection care' but what does that even mean?! Some people have been using this in place of a moisturiser but I've been using this to fill my serum slot, in between hydrating toner and moisturiser- solely in the evenings in the interest of making the one 40ml tube last a little longer.

So basically this has a seriously lightweight clear gel-type texture so a little goes a long way with this; it feels really refreshingly nice on the skin, absorbs really really quickly- oh, and it doesn't smell fragranced, it just smells clean, which I quite like. Ingredients wise, there's some glycerin, salicylic acid, linoleic acid etc, no parabens or anything overly nasty for the face. LRP actually have a load of products in the Effaclar range all suited to different skin conditions, and this one is supposedly meant to help with 'severe local imperfections' and 'sebum-blocked pores'. It hasn't broken me out at all which I'm massively happy with as it's really working so well on my skin. I'll apply this at night and wake up in the morning with noticeably smoother skin... particularly on my lower cheeks, which used to get a little chapped in the bad weather, but have now completely smoothed out. Ultimately, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of purchasing it, it's £13 at Boots and seriously lasts a long long time so it ends up being really great value for money too!

Have you tried LRP's massively hyped offering? If so, any thoughts? Share them in the comments below.

Just a little sidenote, I've had the busiest last couple of weeks starting and settling down at my new job, having a whole host of birthday celebrations (which my skin is not thanking me for right now), reading through various books at lightening speed and just generally being a busy gal, so I'm sorry I've not posted in a little while and I'll try to be more regular. I also had planned some make up posts but I've been a little bit disillusioned with make up at the moment- perhaps a 'Disappointing Products #2' post is in order? Hehe, hope you've all had a lovely week!


  1. I've been meaning to try this! Thanks for the review!

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

    1. You are very very welcome! Hope it works well for you xx