Rimmel Apocalips 'Nova'

Oh dear. I appear to have fallen into spendy ways lately, having been on three (three! please help me) shopping trips this week alone. On one of these trips, that have now merged together and become a blur in attempts to desperately forget them for my bank account's sake, I picked up Rimmel's Apocalips lip lacquer in the shade Nova.

Now, as we all know from this post, I'm a big reader of all things blog-ish so when these released over here, I didn't miss a beat. I stayed up to date on the entire comings and goings of the whole 'is it a lipstick? is it a gloss?' phase, watching Stellar, Big Bang, Apocaliptic and Celestial all wow the blogging nation- but despite all of the ridiculous praise, I didn't rush out to buy one.. something that I am seriously regretting.

Starting with the things that aren't really deal-breakers but just nice little touches; the packaging firstly, is pretty savvy (you can tell if it's been tampered with beforehand and the dip in the doe foot applicator lets more product pool a.k.a opaqueness in a single sweep). Ooh, and it smells like watermelon guys, sweet-like, artificial watermelon and I actually quite like the scent even though it doesn't seem to be that popular with others.. but it only lingers slightly on application and then fades away into nothingness, so don't let that put you off. In terms of lasting power, it's actually pretty good- by my standards at least- don't expect to get through a day's work/lazing about without reapplying, but I didn't find this to transfer at all, nor did it disappear after a slice of cheesecake or three.. Moving on.. the shade range is pretty good too, I've got my eye on a few others, especially Luna as I haven't got anything like it. Price-wise, it's £5.99.. bargainous by all accounts.

Anyway, the 'lip lacquer' (as it's affectionately known) is such a perfect consistency; it's opaque in one coat and is completely NON-STICKY. That's just for any fellow gloss haters- with this, there's no hair getting stuck to lips, no awkward transfer onto glasses and no gloopy gloopiness. Hallelujah! The colour of Nova is just absolutely perfect, it's unlike anything I already own and is just the perfect blue-toned pink- something that I truly think will suit anyone so please don't rule it out if you're not a fan of the cooler shades.. Because this is one seriously cool shade.

To sum everything up, I actually need more of these. Debit card in hand, keys in the other, I'll be rushing back over to Boots in 5, 4, 3, 2...


  1. I love this colour! I have two and I'm feeling the need to complete my collection haha. Your nails are a pretty colour too, is it Rimmel's how do you lilac it?

    1. I feel the exact same way- every time I enter any sort of drugstore I'll throw the entire range in my basket and put them all back pre-check out with a chorus of 'Don't need, don't buy!' happening in my mind. Indeed it is that shade x