Life Update: What I've Been Up To

So I guess this strictly falls into the lifestyle category of posts but I just thought I'd shed some light on what I've been up to lately and also let you all know how to keep up with what I've been doing (at the end of the post).

Starting with the slightly more depressing, apologetic news: My older brother had shoulder surgery this week so, with six weeks in a sling and months of physio to look forward to, he literally can't move a muscle so we've all been running around after him- I'll bet he's loving that- and despite the effects of his painkillers making him hilariously delirious, looking after someone 24/7 is exhausting.

Also I have been super super busy at work; I'm currently holding down three jobs with blogging as my release, and in my main job, I've been asked to take over the business for a few days whilst my boss goes on a business trip so I've been preparing for that during the days, spending my evenings working as a private tutor and my nights babysitting children a.k.a living the life. I've had zero time to take any photos or write up any posts and over the last few weeks, I hadn't really been testing out many new things as I was embracing the whole 'stripped back' skincare routine, makeup look etc. Fortunately things have calmed down and I'm finding myself with a bit more free time so I'm currently scheduling left, right and center- watch out for tomorrow's post by the way, it's about a HG product!

The other thing that's been playing on my mind a whole lot recently is the slightly daunting prospect of university. I am applying this year to go next September and I still haven't chosen a course/university nor have I written my personal statement or even started anything else really.. even though my application is being processed in October. Which gives me a couple of months to seriously crack down and face up to it (procrastination is seriously not key). Anyway, I've been considering taking English Literature (I applied to do Economics and Politics last year but it didn't really click with me) so if you're studying that, or anything else really, at university then please let me know where/how it's going/if you'd recommend it in the comments.

On with the good stuff; I'm super happy to announce that this blog will be featured in a magazine called 'The Student Guide' for an article about beauty blogs "aimed specifically at students who want to keep up with the latest looks". The Student Guide is given out to hundreds of thousands of freshers starting university next month and it's a really amazing opportunity to be featured so thank you very much to the people behind that decision. The next issue is out soon so I'll keep you all updated with how things go but it's something that I'm really looking forward to!

Another exciting thing is that I've finally gotten around to creating a Student Beauty twitter account so if you wanted to contact me, ask any questions, find out what I'm up to then you are all very welcome to come and follow me here.

P.S I am officially on my gap year- yay! Unfortunately my travel buddy has opted to go down the uni route but hopefully early next year I'll be in NY to see the sights and go and watch my favourite sports team play a game (that's the Knicks, by the way) albeit I might have to make the trip alone.. all in the name of travelling!

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