My Rimmel Manicure

Rimmel have been my go-to brand for nail products since I first ventured into the world of polishes; their 60-second picks have claimed my hands-down 'everybody needs to know about these' first place and haven't budged from the top despite my attempts at getting acquainted with Essie & Co. Not that I'm complaining, they're so reasonably priced and come in the (bold statement time) best shade range I've ever seen..

The 'Xpress' flat brush is the perfect sized applicator for polishing away and varnishing up; it's one of those one stroke's all you need brushes that I have to refrain myself from swooning at every time I lacquer up. I reviewed the shade 'Rose Libertine' back in March, so here's that post for those who'd like a gander at my favourite shade, but this time I'm back with another offering; 'How Do You Lilac It?', a winning cross between pastel lilac and muted lavender-y mauve. Despite the claim of a one minute dry time (which it both doesn't live up to nor stray far from), the formula is just perfect and the lasting power is pretty good- my record is six days chip-free, and that's saying something considering my current job leaves my hands scuffed and ruined everyday. I personally like to layer the colour over a coat of Rimmel's 'Stronger' clear base coat, another pretty good product; this has strengthened my nails a little, but the glory feature lies in its ability to prevent staining.

Fun fact for you all: these photos were taken on the fifth day of wearing this shade- one chip is pretty good going!

So that's my Rimmel manicure done, dusted, and 100% recommended for you all to try out- I am the biggest fan of this shade, despite having pretty pale skin that is never ever complimented by lighter/brighter colours, I actually find this to be so wearable.

Do you guys have a go-to dynamic duo? Let me know in the comments below!

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