TendSkin Review

A while back, VDM headquarters (That's this beaut, of course) published a post entitled 'Unspoken Beauty Bits'- not that I necessarily think that any of the things she wrote about should be deemed unspoken- but Vivianna addressed a problem with ingrown hairs and I was hooked from there.

Story time guys: on a beach holiday two/three years back, I thought it would be a great idea *sigh* to bring some wax strips with me and wax my legs for the first time ever in the bathroom of my hotel (I have no idea what I was thinking). I didn't have a clue how to use the strips and ended up getting pretty irritated razor burn-ish legs; think tiny red bumps and dry patches all over my shins.. tasty. Fast forward to June 2013 and those little bumps remained on my legs, unchanged and seriously non-presentable. So having read about Anna's success with TendSkin I decided to give it a go and- spoiler alert- I bared my legs in public for the first time in aaaages last week. Yep, it's that good. 

After taking in a deep breath of fresh air -this stuff absolutely stinks of cheap vodka-, I douse a cotton pad with the solution and just sweep it over my legs (and any other places that ingrown hairs make an unwanted appearance) post-shave et voila! Silky smooth legs, no sign of an ingrown hair anywhere.

A few cautions/FYIs though:

- I've found that this is the most effective when applied immediately post-shave, but unfortunately that is when it tends to sting like a mo'fo. I don't mind that too much though as it only lasts a few seconds and is seriously more effective that way, but if you have zero pain tolerance then you might want to wait an hour or so.

- This does a pretty snazzy job at hair growth minimisation too- I know it's not something that it claims to do but it's just something I've noticed which makes the product even more appealing to me- oh I do love a hybrid..

- Moisturising is, of course, wonderful n'all, but apply this beforehand otherwise it won't be as effective and wait for it to be completely dry before you slather on the lotion.

- Patience and dedication are key; don't expect results the next day. It took a few good day and night uses of this to see results but, once my legs were back to normal, I only needed to use this a couple of times a week.

Time for the big question; is it worth the money? TendSkin retails at around £10/11 for 118mls - I got mine from here because of the free delivery but it's also available at Feel Unique etc. I got through a fifth of the bottle in two months (with habitual usage) so it will last for quite some time and I will definitely be repurchasing! Now to find a cure for the dreaded keratosis pilaris...

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