Meet my new favourite thing...

So a couple of months back I went for a little spa week away and rather inadvertently left my camera charger at the hotel (hence a lack of structured blog posts) but instead of just buying a new camera charger for my horrible old Canon P&S, I considered my options.. As blogging is something that I am actually really enjoying and would love to continue and improve upon, I thought a slightly better camera is needed so, SB readers, please say hello to my lovely new toy!

I've wanted a proper DSLR for quite a while now, so after hunting around for what seemed to be the best camera for amateur-ish but wannabe pros, this is the one that came out top (it's the Canon EOS 600D by the way). Needless to say I am super excited- getting the 'package delivered' text notification felt like Christmas- to get to grips/use it so you can finally expect regular blogging. Yep.. I'm just spreading the cheer today!

If you've got any tips or advice then feel free to leave them in the comments box below or tweet me @101SB, and, as always, have a lovely weekend (and a lovely Friday too, can't forget about that).

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