Showdown of the Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are an absolute essential in the majority of skincare mavens' routines; whether they're beautifully stashed in an old Diptyque votive or stuffed in a drawer preserved in original packaging due to budget-balancing and sheer bone idleness- guilty. I, for one, have hoards and hoards of cotton pads in my 'Drawer of Refills' (there may be a post on that), so after trying and testing a bunch of different brands, I've decided to create an ode to cotton pads in true 'the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Great style':

The Ugly: Boots Cotton Wool Pads

Kicking off the proceedings with Boots' own brand offering, with a claim to be 'non fleecing' which, by even the furthest stretch of the imagination, they are not. A quick swipe with one of these leaves my skin feeling horribly textured.. mainly due to the husky fibres that the pads leave all over the skin, and applying any sort of product (particularly liquids) will just have them tearing apart and fleecing away at the slightest touch. Have I made my point? Steer clear.

The Good: Septona Cotton Wool Pads

I picked up this Septona offering whilst on holiday over the summer so unfortunately they are notoriously difficult to get hold of, but when you do.. These are just the perfect all rounder no-fleecing, incredibly soft, luxurious feeling cotton pads (did I really just call a brand of cotton pads 'luxurious'?). If you can find these anywhere then stock up!

The Great: Superdrug Double Faced Cotton Pads

I know.. Superdrug? Yep, I am not currently delusional, Superdrug are really onto a winner with these double faced pads. The textured side is great for toners and pre-cleansing whilst the smoother side is a perfect match for eye make up removers. These are totally and completely non-fleecing and have the perfect amount of absorby-ness and for such a bargainous price, these are pretty much a steal. Great stuff all round.

If you have any show-stoppers of the cotton type then feel free to let me know in the comments below. I'm quite keen to try Boots' massive oval sized ones now that I come to think of it.. I can almost hear my bank account crying out already...

On a final sidenote, I know I've really not been around much lately and it's all down to the fact that I left my camera charger on holiday so am currently having to make do with old photos that I had already saved which is a slight pain. I'm hopefully buying a lovely new proper camera (no more point and shoots hurrah!) next weekend though so prepare for super quality photos and much much more regular blogging.


  1. I highly recommend Boot's baby cotton pads - they're massive!! the superdrug regular large oval ones though not so much, this was a great post it's funny how something so simple and boring like cotton pads is so essential! - Amy x

  2. I love cotton rounds!