Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

I'm sure everybody is aware by now of the horrible skin situation I've been having lately; it's really pretty bad. To make things a thousand times worse, I've been plagued with not just one, but six really tender, sore, red cystic lumps on my forehead and it's just making me feel terrible. I'm only really ever concerned with spots when they are sore, which doesn't really happen to me often, but when it does (like now), I'm just massively aware that they are deep down, will take forever to heal, and will just sit there feeling painful for aaaaages before leaving a massive scar. Fun fun fun.

After a little twittery chat with the lovely (and very helpful) Jen, I picked up MB's Buffering Lotion and I've been applying it religiously about three times a day- well, as much as possible considering I'm out at work for ten hours or so most days-, for a consecutive week in a desperate attempt to soothe, calm, reduce inflammation etc. After two days of consistent use, most of the bumps had stopped hurting, and I even caught some of the nasty ones early enough to prevent them from worsening, whilst after a week's use, everything's back in check. My skin has literally gone from massive eruption to under control, I just wish I knew what had caused them in the first place. A couple of things that I will recommend with this is to use it straight away so that you can potentially prevent the cysts from occurring, and definitely still use the lotion for a few days after everything feels better. Just in case.

The Buffering Lotion is infamous for its ability to treat the deeply-rooted cystic blemishes and contains Allantoin to "calm and soothe inflammation and promote healing, whilst also containing anti-redness and healing ingredients that promote tissue regrowth on acne damaged skin." a.k.a every cystic sufferer's dream. It is packaged in a fuss-free white little bottle (gahhhd I love Mario Badescu when it comes to simplicity), and is one of those layered products that you have to shake well before use- make sure the lid is definitely on when you shake it up though.. it sounds obvious but my bathroom walls are now covered in the stuff. It applies as a white-ish liquid that is clear once gently tapped onto any blemished areas and smells pretty strongly of alcohol although that dissipates almost immediately and I find that it really helps to reduce redness straight away, perhaps due to how it sits very nice and subtly on the skin. I used to be one of those people terrified to do anything other than cleanse, tone and moisturise with cystic breakouts but this has really converted me and I couldn't recommend it enough for anybody else that suffers with horrible painful cystic bumps. If you do, chin up, you aren't alone!

If you fancy getting your mitts on this just in time for a (hopefully) clear-complexion Christmas, then it's around the £16 mark, I got mine from BeautyBay 'cause free delivery. Obv.

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