Nails: Barry M's 'Blue Moon'

I've been all about the deeper berry shades lately but my younger sister actually picked up this polish for me a few weeks ago and whilst I originally shunned it slightly for being a pastel- pastels in winter? Madness- it turns out that 8 year-old Squidge was onto a winner with this one.. I think.

I always find Barry M formulas to be seriously thin so it takes a few applications to build up the colour (I'm only wearing two coats here by the way, I didn't realise quite how thin this was until I saw it outdoors), and they are definitely prone to smudging without a top coat so beware of that, but Barry M do also rock a vast colour range. This particular shade- Blue Moon- is a pale frosty blue, perfect for an icy 'winter wonderland' feel, and despite not usually suiting pastel colours, this works quite nicely against my pale skin, and it's only £3 from Boots. Thanks sis...

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