The Lash Duo (Trio?)

When it comes to lashes, mine are pretty much all-round failures. Poker straight with absolutely no lift or natural curl, I always shunned mascaras completely from my makeup stash until discovering the wonder that is an eyelash curler. I had previously attempted to layer on all sorts, from the lash-volumiser to the lengthener, separators, curling- you name it, I tried it. But nothing really showed up.. I still couldn't see my lashes, and I sure as hell didn't see any fluttery-ness going on.

So I decided an eyelash curler was needed, and not just a cheap as chips (read: totally ineffective) one. I just had to see what all the fuss was about so I plumped for the Shu Uemura, naturally. It is friggin' amazing, a few pumps along the lashes (my trick is to push the curler up towards the forehead for a super curl) and I can actually see my lashes. And they are actually doing the whole flutter thing. It's amazing what difference an eyelash curler makes; without one, I really don't see the point in owning mascaras- unless you have naturally curled lashes- and it has become an absolute inherent staple in my routine. The Shu ones hold a curl all day long and just really help to open the eyes so I'm recommending these to anybody that a) doesn't use an eyelash curler and/or b) has elephantine lashes and/or c) doesn't see a huge difference when they use mascara!

Next up comes the mascara, and I'm not massively fussy on which one I get. I have quite long, thick lashes so volumising and lengthening aren't claims I'm fussed on, and Shu's got me covered on the old curl front. My only real criteria is that the mascara doesn't make my lashes clump together (secondary school memories), which is something I find to depend more on the type of wand. I've got two lash-boosters tying at first place in the favourites chart, L'Oreal's Telescopic Waterproof and Max Factor's False Lash Effect offerings, the former has been unfortunately discontinued though so I'm trying to use it sparingly but FLE is a pretty good dupe. Both leave my lashes clump-free, add a little length and volume without looking like an attack of the dreading spider-lash, and they still do that fluttery thing..

Have you got a similar lash duo? Let me know in the comments below!

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