The Sunday Post: Baking with Friends

I absolutely love reading lifestyle posts so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon slightly with this post. I planned on just having a lazy day today, so I spent the morning finally completing my UCAS application (yay yay yay) whilst watching Friends reruns and painting my nails like the unproductive adult that I truly am. To celebrate, I whipped up a batch of festive vanilla biscuits- using this recipe- I'm a strong believer in the whole 'it's never too early for Christmas' theory so why not crack out the old snowman cutters and make a gigantic mess in the kitchen!

With Grease on for a bit of background noise.. and the occasional Summer Lovin' singalong, I surfed the internet for some recommendations on where to visit in New York. I've not been before but am taking both of my parents next February for a week as a surprise Christmas present for them and I'm massively excited but equally dubious about where to go so if you guys have any recommendations on places to visit then please let me know in the comments or via twitter.

Right now, I'm YouTubing (this is what Sunday's are for right?)- I just cannot get enough of Jamie Campbell Bower (in more ways than one, mmm) at the moment- whilst preparing this week's blogposts. Then tonight, I'm looking forward to just curling up on the sofa with some pizza to watch some tacky x-factor performances *guilty- Luke is just adorable* before Downton Abbey- tonight's episode is going to be absolutely insane, I'm ridiculously excited to see it.. yes, I'm a massive television fiend on Sundays. I've also been given the all clear by my driving instructor to book my test so I'll probably end up doing that at some point later on too.

As a final sidenote, massive congratulations to Zoella on picking up the BBC Teen award for Best Vlogger- it's well deserved!

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