Battle of the Clarifying Shampoos

Lately, I've been stuck in a bit of a rut with my hair- do I go for the chop, style it differently, just change it somehow? I've decided to reserve those thoughts for a later date though, because my current issue is oiliness. I'm not sure what it is about winter, but my hair seems to need washing much more than it does in summer, so I'm partly attributing that to the fact that I've been using more styling products to get it to through the whole 'non-frizzy mane' phase. Either way, I've turned to clarifying shampoos as my potential saviours, so here's the lowdown..

I'd been after Bumble and Bumble's Sunday shampoo since Anna mentioned it eons ago, but I hadn't needed something clarifying until a couple of months ago so I turned to it straight away, with the hope that it would balance my hair, remove any product build up and generally make my hair do that swishy thing for at least two days. But did it? Unfortunately not, it really didn't live up to my expectations. It's a bit of a strange one, because I find this to really make my hair feel super squeaky clean in the shower (which, as I discovered, is a feeling I'm not too fond of at all), but after combing it out and drying it, I found that my hair got.. wait for it.. greasier even quicker. Literally a day later, and my hair was looking so lank that I just had to wash it again.. with something a bit less clarifying! I really don't know why this didn't work for me at all, but I've heard that it works wonders for others, so maybe it's just an individual thing. On the plus side, I have seriously long locks, but I didn't need to use much of this at all which is a bonus if you do fancy picking it up, as I can see the shelf life of this massively outlasting Phyto's offering.

Phytocedrat was one of my Boxing Day Buys. It's strange and interesting but equally lovely- and it's the weirdest concoction that has ever braced my hair. Phytocedrat puts more of a focus on regulating the production of oils and excess sebum, and, whereas the Sunday shampoo had the typical gel-like shampoo texture, Phytocedrat is, quite astoundingly, a liquid. Just like water, with an orange tint, I had the shock of my life when it spilled everywhere in the shower, because I wasn't expecting anything as messy as a down-and-out liquid. I found it quite difficult to apply because it was so watery, but once on the hair, it lathered up surprisingly well and left my hair feeling really nourished and soft despite the clarifying edge that it also performs very well on. This kept my hair feeling very balanced, soft and clean for a good three days- guys, I think it's love- I've been using this as a once weekly treatment shampoo, and it has been serving me very well indeed. The chaps over at Phyto really know their stuff when it comes to hair, so I'm definitely going to be picking up a few things from them soon (any recommendations?)..

Ultimately, I'd go for Phytocedrat every single time. Although you don't get quite as much product, and it is quite a bit messier, it's considerably cheaper from a price point, so you really do get more bang for your buck.

Have you used either of these? If so, how did you get along with them?


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    1. Thank you lovely, will have a look in a minute xx