The Best Of 2013: Bloggers

Well hello there New Year! I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating last night and aren't feeling too worse for wear this morning, but for this year I wish you all good health and happiness in abundance. Before I get too soppy, next up in the 'Best of 2013' mini-series is bringing you a compilation of my favourite bloggers. These are the main five that I go to every day without fail, these are the girls that could sell me anything and I treasure each of these blogs equally so they're all my favourites. Oh, and don't forget to pay attention to the couple of extra special mentions at the end...

Please do your best to excuse the bed head, the featured blog here belongs to the lovely Jen

Vivianna Does Makeup: If you're new to the world of beauty blogs, then this is your go-to. Start here, rifle through the archives, gaze at the gorgeous photography, have a hearty chuckle at the witty repartée and you're all set. Anna covers all of the bases, and if I ever need a product review or makeup suggestions, whether I have a beauty-based question, need some fashion know-how, or am in a techy situation, this is my primary source. Follow this blog and you'll be surrounded with regular posts about new launches, luxury and drugstore posts, and of course, let's not forget that YouTube channel. Those get ready with me videos? Just perfection. 

Jennypurr: I truly do feel as though me and Jen were separated at birth, we are that alike. I think that we have a really similar skin type, as her skincare recommendations always seem to work for me, and whenever I've been let down by a product, she usually has been too so this is where I always head for my skincare fix, although the makeup and haircare posts that are interspersed also make for some really lovely reading. I feel like this blog has really come into its own this year, and I'm so excited to see what 2014 brings for Jen- the rumour mill brings with it whispers of a possible YouTube channel which I am more than ready for. 

I Covet Thee: Another beauty blogger and not-so-secret vlogger is the gorgeous Alix. Ever classy, flawless and just so sweet, Alix's writing style is on point, personable yet professional, and her haircare posts make for some seriously envious reading. Her blog layout and photography are just completely neat and seamless and to round it all off, the videos that grace my YT feed are always impeccably edited and a delight to watch.

Hello October: Suzie's videos are the first thing I watch on Sunday morning. This is one girl with immaculate style, which is very evident in her gorgeously filmed outfit edits. The makeup tutorials (particularly the Lily Collins one) have just been on replay, plus all of the lovely hauls and monthly favourite videos just hit the nail on the head- she's one to watch for sure. I peruse Suzie's blog daily too, it's definitely one of my must-reads but be warned as this girl is a huge enabler... I've made quite a few H.O-inspired purchases over the past few months!

Bonjour Luce: My usual morning consists of my bowl of cereal, flicking on the radio, and browsing Luce's blog. She really does know her makeup so well, and applies it beautifully. Despite the fact that any 'make up look' post is sure to evoke the green-eyed woeful stares from me as Luce always looks flawless and effortlessly sophisticated, I really do love reading all of her posts, they're well-written and full of important detail, yet succinct enough to keep things interesting. Oh, and that perfectly tousled ombré hair? I'm not sure how she does it either but it's pretty darn good.

I'd also like to give a special mention to two other people that have been top of my bookmarked list this year. First up, Faye's YouTube channel has just made me really quite happy lately. Not only do I love all of the products she mentions and her videos are well-edited, but Faye just seems like the nicest person ever. My must-watch videos? It's gotta be her American road trip vlogs- so jealous! Secondly, where would I be without Caroline? Her cheat sheets alone have made for hours of leisurely reading, and I feel like I know my skin a ton better now that I know how to take care of it properly. If you've not heard of Caroline's blog then climb out from underneath that rock because this one is taking the blogosphere by storm- expect big things. 

Who are your favourite bloggers? I'd love to have some more recommendations!


  1. I came across your blog in the midst of my far and wide obsession with reading beauty blogs. I've just launched my very own beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog ( I'd love for you to check it out.

    My favourite blog would have to be Couture Girl ( by Kayleigh Johnson, her posts are always a pleasure to read.

    x o x o

    1. Of course I'll have a looksie. Will check out the blog you mentioned too, it sounds promising! xx

  2. well looks like we have nearly identical reading lists!

    1. Sounds like you have good taste then! You are, of course, on my reading list too missy xx