The Sunday Post: Weekly Round-Up #2

I really enjoyed writing last week's round-up post, so I'm back this week with another. Unfortunately I've been struck down with a cold all week, not that that's stopped me from going to work- days off are a no-no- I've got a post going up on Tuesday about my illness essentials though so keep an eye out for that!

Product of the week: Having been unwell all week, I've felt very sluggish and lazy, so this is a nod to my lazy day fave: Vaseline's Spray n' Go moisturiser is a god send, it's so quick and easy to use that even in my delirious flu-like state, moisturising was still a doable post-shower step.

Added to the list: Although I've had my eye on this one for a while now, Sam's review of the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask has affirmed that I need it in my life. As an extra for this week, I've tried their Sweet & Salty offering (it's amazing), but I've also been craving Propercorn's Sweet Coconut and Vanilla Popcorn- both of my favourite flavours mixed together in a not-so-guilty snack? Yes please..

Top Read: When I'm not reading books, I'm browsing websites- my all time favourite is Buzzfeed. I can be on there for hours cracking up at all of the witty posts, and their numbered listings evoke some sighs of relief from Type A personalities such as my own. This week's favourites have been this (queen) and this (British people problems) and this (hello Canada!). And I couldn't leave out this amazing figure skating talent.

Blog of the Week: I'm a little bit in love with Ellie and her blog, like, really. It's just a really great mish-mash of lifestyle posts, beauty bumf and foody bits a.k.a, the perfect combination. Not to mention the layout is gorgeous, photos are sleek as hell, and she writes about a bunch of products that I've not before heard of, but that I instantly want after reading about them. Recommended browsing: bring a notebook and a snack, you'll lose hours lost in blog heaven.

A Life Snippet: This week I've been all about improving things from the inside (read: loading up on supplements). I've been making sure to get my daily dose of vitamin C and D along with probiotics (and I've also made a promise to myself to drink more water- it's much harder in the winter!). So far I've not noticed much of a difference but hopefully in a few weeks time I'll have an update for you all.