The Sunday Post: Weekly Round-Up

I've been harbouring a hefty amount of affection for lifestyle-based round up posts lately, so I've decided to delve right in and give it a go myself. I've got blog recommendations, mini book-reviews, life updates and the rest, so I hope you enjoy!

Okay, so maybe I did eat what felt like my entire body weight in jelly beans this week.. I was ill and that's my excuse!

Product of the week: My January Favourites post will be up in a couple of days so you can get the lowdown on my products of the month then, but for now, I must say that me and Figuier are having a bit of a moment. I wasn't too sure about this upon first sniff (perhaps due to the fact that I've been wrestling an almighty cold), but as we segue into Spring time, this green figgy scent is just claiming more and more burn time!

Added to the wishlist: Serge Luten's Un Bois Vanille has flown to the top of my perfume lustlist after reading the scent description earlier on in the week. Creamy black vanilla with notes of coconut and liquorice, it's pretty darn irresistible. Until you get to the price point (a whopping £69!).. My birthday is in July, that's not too far away.. right?

Top Read: Most of you might not know that I'm kind of mad on reading- I'll be studying English at university next year, so before the onslaught of Chaucer and James Joyce, I've been indulging in some more recreational reads- this week I started reading A Clash of Kings, the sequel to A Game of Thrones- which is just brilliant. It's takes a little while to get into, but I'm seriously getting into this high fantasy series, it seems to have undertones of medievalism but with a slightly more mystical twist. 

Blog of the Week: I've discovered a few new blogs this week, but one of my favourite discoveries has to be Sophie's blog, The Littlest Things- I have spent hours surfing through gorgeous road trip photos (the recent Canada/US ones look so amazing), bookmarking fantastic recipes and enviously glaring at Sophie's style posts. Definitely check it out if you haven't already!

A Life Snippet: This week I've been considering travel plans for the year, after having finalised my wanderlust list of places to visit at some point in my life (Western Cape, Ontario, Sydney, Reykjavik, Paris and Galway FYI). It's looking like I'll be heading back to Paris this year for the 5th time, whilst spending a week or so road-tripping through Ireland in summer in true P.S I Love You style- Gerald Butler, I'm coming for you!

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