Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpt

Sometime last year I shared with my 'Brow Kit' with you guys, a routine that involved a mix of two different shades of brown eyeshadow with a slim angled brush. Then I met the Hourglass Arch and things kind of changed. A lot.

Using the Hourglass pencil just makes everything so incredibly effortless; just a couple of swipes through the brow and you can be out the door before you know it! I have the shade Soft Brunette for anybody wondering, and I have naturally very dark brown brows, but I've always known that it's better to go a shade lighter for filling in the brows rather than a shade darker (unless you're rocking an Emily Weiss platinum effect, in which case, go crazy with the darker shades). I was, however, slightly worried that this would be too light and wouldn't show up but it's actually the perfect shade. It provides a very cool-toned ashy brown that would suit a whole range of people, and the final look is so natural. It's not a messy kind of wispy natural either, you can really make things very neat and structured whilst keeping it subtle (everyone will think that you've just been blessed with amazing brow genes).

The spoolie on the other end makes it ten times easier to keep unruly brows in check, and using it to comb through brows pre and post-pencil helps to remove  any excess and more evenly distribute the wax. From a price point, at £26 you might say that this is on the pricier side of things but it will last for a long time and is so handy and convenient that it's definitely worth it (for me). If you wanted to play the field, Anastasia's Brow Wiz is similar with a finer nib, and Soap & Glory's new Archery offering looks pretty snazzy too.

Have you got any thoughts on the Hourglass Arch?