Pay Day Purchases

I've been an exceptionally good non-spender lately but after a long, hard day a couple of weeks ago, I felt the need to pick up a few bits so here's a little haulage for y'all! (Okay, so I definitely can't rock a 'y'all')...

I made an order from Origins' a couple of weeks back, repurchasing High Potency Night-A-Mins.. I've recently posted about how much I love this so here's that review. Also, I used a tester of Modern Friction and was so impressed with it that I picked up the full size (there's a post to come but here's the jist: I'm aware manual exfoliators are supposedly no-go products, and this even contains SLS as I begrudgingly discovered post-use, but just bear with me on this one. I have my reasons!).

A couple of books from Amazon made their way to my house; I'm a sucker for facts, and for sleek layouts, so me buying Information is Beautiful was kind of inevitable. I actually picked this up for Mother's Day but I have a feeling I'll want one for myself too.. it's basically a bunch of statistics that have been laid out in 'beautiful' diagram form. A Storm of Swords Part I also turned up, I'm completely obsessed with the [book] series at the moment- they're incredibly well written.

I've only had Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 for a few days now so I need some more time to gather my thoughts, but immediate impressions: I can't smell anything at all when it's on, except for perhaps a very light cedar scent. My boss commented that the office smelt of soap and my mum said that she thought it was like sweet violets- I freaked out because Parma violets are my least favourite scent ever but she assured me it wasn't like that- either way, neither of them have particularly refined noses. Hopefully I'm not one of the unlucky ones that it doesn't smell nice on, it's surprisingly frustrating not having any idea what you smell like!

I hadn't previously bought anything from Boohoo but having had a surf of the site, I couldn't resist picking up a couple of bits- I'm not going to do a separate post though, so here are some brief reviews: Firstly, I went for this turtleneck t-shirt dress; I picked it up in both colours and found the neck hole to be really teeny tiny, but the overall dress to just look huge and billowy on me- returning! Now that we're coming into spring, jeans are starting to feel a bit heavy so I picked up some black thick leggings- these are super opaque and feel structured but also really comfortable (mine had a tiny hole in but it wasn't worth sending them back for, nothing a needle and thread can't handle!), I also picked up this skort, again in black, and I really like it, it's not too short and really pulls an outfit together. My favourite buy has to be this baseball tee, I'll definitely be picking up some more of these style tops, they are incredibly soft and very easy to wear- I went for a size bigger than usual because that's what the model was wearing and it looked like a nice fit but in future I think I'll just order it in my normal size.

Are you partial to the odd pay day splurge?

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  1. The occassional pay day splurge is a must!! We've been looking for a new read, so we'll definitely have to check this series out