The Overnighter

This post has definitely been a long time coming- I introduced Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair into my evening skincare routine late last year, and I've been secretly hooked ever since. Anyway, here's the low down on what you need to know- and more importantly, why you need this in your life:

ANR is a lightweight serum/liquid hybrid intended to "addresses the appearance of all key signs of visible ageing, with innovative technology for more comprehensive and precise night-time renewal"- as taken from the Estee Lauder site. Although this is supposedly to combat signs of ageing, I find that using a couple of drops of this gently pressed into the skin every evening, either on it's own post-toner or mixed with oils/moisturiser, I wake up with really healthy-feeling, soft, plump skin. Which is hardly surprising as it does contain hyaluronic acid, which I'm usually kind of intolerant to, but in this I find it actually works a dream. 

EL do make a pretty big allegation about the formula, claiming it to be non-acnegenic. I've been suffering from some bad breakouts lately and this hasn't irritated my skin at all- if anything, I've found this to help reduce some of the scarring, especially when I mix it in with some rosehip oil. I've not previously found a product that makes such a great difference overnight but this really does, it does seem to noticeably 'repair' any concerns that I might have, particularly with long term use. 
Now this is some seriously pricey stuff, coming in at a whopping £48 for just 30ml but trust me on this one being a worthy investment- it lasts for absolutely aaaages and ages. I checked back to see how much was left after using it last night (I've been using it every night for about six months so expected to have used loads) but I've barely touched the surface with this one.

Have you tried out Lauder's famous ANR formula yet?


  1. I love my ANR! somehow my pipette broke on my first bottle so Estee Lauder sent me a new one for free which was absolutely amazing! It totally fixes whatever is going on with my face: acne, tiredness, dry patches the lot

    1. Ahh yay for good service! Totally agree, I was worried about the Hyaluronic acid content because it usually irritates my face but this doesn't- magic stuff xx

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