Timeless Fashion: Little Black Boots

I know, I know.. I'm not very outspoken about fashion and that's because I'm not particularly into it. I wear things that are comfortable and fit nice but that can also look quite sophisticated, I have a ridiculously full wardrobe and chest of drawers that contain my main bits and pieces and I don't really switch things up very often so I doubt that my life in fashion posts would be that interesting to read. However, my beloved old boots have been falling apart recently post flood-weather so I decided to suck it up and just invest in some new ones.

It's probably worth mentioning that I was leaning forward to grab something whilst this photo was taken so unfortunately they look a bit on the bigger side (they're not!)  and also you can't really see the heel gap very well, you can see it fine online though :)

I opted for Topshop's MONTI2 Cutout Boots- a pair that I've not really heard all too much about over in the blogosphere but that definitely need some more attention. As a non high heel wearer, I didn't want something entirely flat but rather a low to mid-heel and that's exactly what these boots offer, so you've got a very slight (perhaps one inch?) heel- perfect for me to wear to work and back without dying basically! The cutout element is new to me but I actually really like it; it's the type of thing that you wouldn't really notice at first sight- worn with black socks/tights the boots just look entirely opaque but worn barefoot can look quite chic yet understated. You can absolutely get away with wearing them whatever the weather, whatever the season and that's really something you want to treasure in footwear.

I have quite awkward feet that are on the wider side and also inbetween sizes so it's very difficult to find shoes that fit well and don't hurt my feet but these fit right into that category. I might have to do a slight bit of the hairdryer technique to loosen up the toes a bit as the toes are a little narrow for my flippers but on the whole, they're comfortable and versatile. I was slightly unsure about the gold buckle detailing lowering the tone but the gold is non intrusive so don't worry about looking like you've just stepped out of Peckham market!

When you do have awkward feet, every pair of shoes tends to be an investment and these are no different- they are £46 from Topshop, I had a student discount so picked them up for a reasonable £40 so it's definitely worth seeing if you can get a discount somehow. That said, I would say these are excellent value for money (did I mention they're 100% leather? sorry vegans..), they really are quite timeless and I can see these lasting well and wearing evenly.

What are your favourite little black boots?

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

Guys, I caved. I saw so many bloggers post about how amazing this was and I just had to have it. Honestly, it's like I was having pregnancy cravings for pickles. Except that I'm not pregnant, and the subject in hand is not stored in brine (I hope). I'm talking about The Body Shop's Camomile Silky Cleasning Oil- er mah gerddd even the name is divine!

For starters, the packaging is definitely SB-approved. Pumps are the way forward every time; they dispense a set amount each time so you know exactly how much of the product you're using each time plus it's just a tad more hygienic than a balm cleanser that you have to dig your hands into. The bottle is also clear- hallelujah!- so you can see just how much you have left (and, in this case, how long you have until you repurchase- which is a must).

There is a scent but it's completely unoffensive- although I would be a teensy bit wary of using this as a main cleanser on my sensitive skin. I use this as a pre-cleanse and it is just so easy to use, breaking down every last scrap of makeup in seconds. I just apply one pump to my face, massaging it all around in circular motions before rinsing off with water (and a cloth) and continuing with another cleanser afterwards. I don't really wear any eye makeup at all because it doesn't suit me too well so I can't speak for it's mascara-melting abilities but having read other reviews, it supposedly checks that box too.

And the best part? It's really good value for money, coming in at a tiny £10 for a whopping 200ml of the stuff. You really don't need to use much at all- making it even more worth it- plus, TBS always have a bunch of different offers on, for example, I was given a free full-size hand cream plus 35% off when I bought this one.

Ultimately,  I'm a little bit in love with this. It's so, so easy to use, leaves my skin feeling seriously soft, and will be a nice alternative to my balm favourite, Clinique's TTDO. Have you tried out this cleansing oil yet?

My Hand Luggage Essentials

I'm not sure if I've rambled on about this quite enough yet(!) but I'm flying across the pond to LAX in June to spend a few weeks travelling around the western US coast with a group of strangers. Yup, crazy. I'm also heading off to Paris for a few days once I get back, so I'm getting my fair share of travel next month! Anyway, seeing as I've been thinking about some advanced packing, I thought I'd write up a post detailing what I'll be bringing in my hand luggage.. my.. essentials, if you will.

Kicking things off with the actual essentials- passport and travel documents. It's probably going to be a pretty big deal if you forget to bring those with you! I'm currently looking for some kind of case to contain everything within- if it's all in one place, there's less to remember. Another actual essential? Water and snacks (bought post-security, obv). Aeroplane food sucks, particularly for a fussy vegetarian such as yours truly. I'll be on the hunt for some popcorn, fruit, bread-based products and the like. You know the drill- comfort zone food. Water to stay hydrated, that's a given, but I always buy mine before I get on the plane to avoid highly-priced shots of San Pellegrino.

Next up, entertainment: anybody that can actually sit on a plane for however many hours (I'll be in the air for 11 and in the airport for a good few hours before and after) without having some kind of entertainment output.. well, I would applaud you but quite frankly, you're insane. To break up the incessant 'watching every movie on the flight' chore, I like to bring some kind of recreational book (sorry Sterne, deepest apologies, le Carré). This time around, the likely contender is Semple's 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette'. Along with that, I like to plug into my music so the good ol' iPod will be coming with me, along with my ever so slightly amazing- yet super cheap- headphones. Obviously, my phone is coming along for good measure, along with some kind of crossword book and trashy gossip mag.

On the beauty side of things, I'm planning to go makeup free to the airport, layer up on the moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm and hand cream before boarding and also once or twice throughout the flight. Aeroplanes recirculate air within the cabin due to the.. unavailability of fresh sources (try explaining to my younger sister that you just can't open the windows!), meaning that your skin dries out and makeup will just go gross and patchy and horrible anyway- not a good look. If I end up wearing makeup to the airport then I'll bring some face wipes for the flight- remember the three F's!- and some decanted toner to keep things nice and cleansed before going forth with my hydrating quartet as before. Another good thing to have with you is some kind of antibacterial wipes/hand sanitizer (I'm using one from Dr. Bronner that smells all lavender-esque and lovely). I will be bringing a light foundation or tinted moisturiser along with some concealer to induce this kind of self-confidence boost.

If you're a nervous flyer, like I am, you'll want to have a relaxing scent around you (especially with the amalgamation of aeroplane food odours.. ew), so I like to bring This Works Stress Less rollerball to soothe my mind and calm me down. You might also want to bring with you travel sickness tablets to settle your nerves/stomach, some chewing gum to distract you and keep you feeling fresh and a rollerball perfume to keep you smelling equally fresh. I'll also be bringing a neck pillow to keep neck slumps at bay and some ultra fluffy socks to keep comfort levels at a high.

So that's my hand luggage sorted! I haven't decided what bag I'll be taking yet but as long as it's something sturdy with a zip of some kind- that's all I need. If I've missed anything out then please let me know below, and also, if you want to see any more travel related posts then leave a comment and I'll be sure to get around to it!

So I've Been M.I.A...

You may have realised that things were quite thin on the ground blog-wise last month, and I apologise for being a bad blogger, but let me just try and explain where my mind has been at.. I've not really been particularly motivated recently. I feel as though, in terms of blogging, I don't really have any new things to bring to the table. I've been stuck in a rut (a nice rut) lately, using the same products and not really buying anything other than repurchasing existing products that I've blogged about quite a bit- because most of them are bloody lovely and work like a charm.

My bedside table has ACTUALLY been this disorganised for months now- can you tell I'm a fan of Rimmel's 60 Second polishes? 
I'm aware that blogging isn't just about new releases and a steady stream of different products, but I don't want my content to become stale or repetitive. I've got a wishlist longer than my arm of products that I'm desperate to try out but, with two holidays and university to save up for, I've had to make some cutbacks of the good ol' budgeting kind. Understandably, motivation is something that you can regain, but I'm just finding it so difficult to make coherent sense of anything at the moment- my camera has been gathering dust on the top of my bookcase, and my once-full-of-ideas notebook hasn't seen light of any kind since I shoved it under my bed a while back. 

In spite of all of this, I'm determined to make spring my season, and May will be the month of blog activity (#willpower). I need to get more organised and dig out my day planner, focus on things that I can actually blog about and start getting my thoughts out there again- I'm particularly keen on letting you all know how my skin has been faring lately (I'm pretty sure I've cracked it! Woohoo!), but for now, I might need a little bit of help along the way...

So I'm opening the floor to you, dear reader(s). Are there any posts that you'd like to see from me anytime soon?