So I've Been M.I.A...

You may have realised that things were quite thin on the ground blog-wise last month, and I apologise for being a bad blogger, but let me just try and explain where my mind has been at.. I've not really been particularly motivated recently. I feel as though, in terms of blogging, I don't really have any new things to bring to the table. I've been stuck in a rut (a nice rut) lately, using the same products and not really buying anything other than repurchasing existing products that I've blogged about quite a bit- because most of them are bloody lovely and work like a charm.

My bedside table has ACTUALLY been this disorganised for months now- can you tell I'm a fan of Rimmel's 60 Second polishes? 
I'm aware that blogging isn't just about new releases and a steady stream of different products, but I don't want my content to become stale or repetitive. I've got a wishlist longer than my arm of products that I'm desperate to try out but, with two holidays and university to save up for, I've had to make some cutbacks of the good ol' budgeting kind. Understandably, motivation is something that you can regain, but I'm just finding it so difficult to make coherent sense of anything at the moment- my camera has been gathering dust on the top of my bookcase, and my once-full-of-ideas notebook hasn't seen light of any kind since I shoved it under my bed a while back. 

In spite of all of this, I'm determined to make spring my season, and May will be the month of blog activity (#willpower). I need to get more organised and dig out my day planner, focus on things that I can actually blog about and start getting my thoughts out there again- I'm particularly keen on letting you all know how my skin has been faring lately (I'm pretty sure I've cracked it! Woohoo!), but for now, I might need a little bit of help along the way...

So I'm opening the floor to you, dear reader(s). Are there any posts that you'd like to see from me anytime soon?

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