Timeless Fashion: Little Black Boots

I know, I know.. I'm not very outspoken about fashion and that's because I'm not particularly into it. I wear things that are comfortable and fit nice but that can also look quite sophisticated, I have a ridiculously full wardrobe and chest of drawers that contain my main bits and pieces and I don't really switch things up very often so I doubt that my life in fashion posts would be that interesting to read. However, my beloved old boots have been falling apart recently post flood-weather so I decided to suck it up and just invest in some new ones.

It's probably worth mentioning that I was leaning forward to grab something whilst this photo was taken so unfortunately they look a bit on the bigger side (they're not!)  and also you can't really see the heel gap very well, you can see it fine online though :)

I opted for Topshop's MONTI2 Cutout Boots- a pair that I've not really heard all too much about over in the blogosphere but that definitely need some more attention. As a non high heel wearer, I didn't want something entirely flat but rather a low to mid-heel and that's exactly what these boots offer, so you've got a very slight (perhaps one inch?) heel- perfect for me to wear to work and back without dying basically! The cutout element is new to me but I actually really like it; it's the type of thing that you wouldn't really notice at first sight- worn with black socks/tights the boots just look entirely opaque but worn barefoot can look quite chic yet understated. You can absolutely get away with wearing them whatever the weather, whatever the season and that's really something you want to treasure in footwear.

I have quite awkward feet that are on the wider side and also inbetween sizes so it's very difficult to find shoes that fit well and don't hurt my feet but these fit right into that category. I might have to do a slight bit of the hairdryer technique to loosen up the toes a bit as the toes are a little narrow for my flippers but on the whole, they're comfortable and versatile. I was slightly unsure about the gold buckle detailing lowering the tone but the gold is non intrusive so don't worry about looking like you've just stepped out of Peckham market!

When you do have awkward feet, every pair of shoes tends to be an investment and these are no different- they are £46 from Topshop, I had a student discount so picked them up for a reasonable £40 so it's definitely worth seeing if you can get a discount somehow. That said, I would say these are excellent value for money (did I mention they're 100% leather? sorry vegans..), they really are quite timeless and I can see these lasting well and wearing evenly.

What are your favourite little black boots?

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  1. These boots are gorgeous! I love the buckle. I'm the same way about fashion - I like what is comfortable and affordable and fits!
    Allison from www.mercuteify.com