Parisian Recommendations?

As I mentioned in this post, I'm heading back to Paris later on this week for what will be my fifth time in the capital. I'm going with a lovely friend on Friday afternoon post-work and coming back late on Monday evening (which will coincidentally be my birthday *air high fives*- yes, there will be cake).

I will, of course, be making the blogger pilgrimage to the holy grail City Pharma to stock up on some French beauty exclusives, and this time around I plan to be prepared- which is why I'm asking you guys to hit me up with some recommendations on what to buy (you never know.. this just might lead to a haul..)! I'm particularly interested in picking up some Homeoplasmine, some Bioderma bits and pieces and some Caudalie perfume if possible, but that's about all that's on my list right now.

So, if you can think of any burning 'oh my GOODNESS how are you forgetting ____?!' comments, then please post them down below or tweet me @101SB (go on, you might as well follow me whilst you're over there).

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Foundation

USA Recap Part II: Arriving in Arizona

Day three of our trip revolved around getting to Scottsdale, AZ (and sneaking in a stop at the Imperial Sand Dunes), so it was a pretty intense driving day and there's not a whole bunch to say about it. We stopped at the Sand Dunes and they were incredible, it's easy to forget that the west coast is mostly desert, but it really is- the dunes capture that entirely. We soon after arrived in Scottsdale, where we stayed at a surprisingly nice hotel and went to dinner at a place called RnR, which was lovely. After dinner, we walked through the town to the Rusty Spur, a traditional western cowboy bar- saloon doors  and everything! There was live country music and it all made for a good night before crashing at the hotel later that night. 

Driving to the Imperial Sand Dunes
Our beloved van, Magda
The sand dunes in all their glory 
Aaaand once again (it felt like Dubai, not America)

Arriving in Scottsdale- the place we had dinner 

It was only a whistlestop tour of Scottsdale so my thoughts on the town are pretty minimal but from what we saw, it was a lovely town. Things definitely started to heat up in Scottsdale- literally, the temperature was in the 40's- and set the heat for the next few days. I was going to include the Grand Canyon today but that would've been a ridiculous amount of photos so I guess you'll have to stay tuned for that one tomorrow..

USA Recap Part I: LA to San Diego

If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you might know (a.k.a you would definitely know because I've harped on about it 10000 times), I went to the US at the beginning of June- hence no blogposts. Anyway, I'm back on English soil now so what better to do than write a post- or perhaps a series of posts- filling you all in!

I flew out to LA with Virgin Atlantic who were actually really great to fly with- they gave me a ton of food basically- and had some lovely seat partners to chat with. Post-landing, I caught a shuttle bus to the hotel and met some of the group I'd be travelling with for the next few weeks, then we all went out to dinner at Pono Burger. The next day, we left the hotel quite early to start the drive to San Diego, stopping off at Orange County which was crazily picturesque, as the photos below might show! 

Then we got to San Diego and went to a little town called La Jolla, where we rented some kayaks and paddled out into the [supposedly shark-infested] ocean to a sealion cove. It was absolutely amazing; we were so close to the sealions and they were absolutely everywhere, just lazing about. We paddled back to shore, with the instructors giving us some history about the place (we saw Theodor Geisel's house- bonus points to anybody who recognises that name), and went for some frozen yoghurt, then back to our campsite for some dinner and sleep. 

Arriving in Orange County 
The view from Ralph's across the street

At the kayak rental shop- definitely take a trip down there if you live near La Jolla! 
Palm. Trees. Everywhere. 
Frozen yoghurt is a pretty big deal in the US- definitely a new favourite food of mine!

That was the first two days of my trip, the rest will be up at some point later on in the week. Apologies for the photo heavy-ish post (some of the other days will be much more picture-laden), I hope you enjoyed this first insight into what I've been up to this month! I absolutely loved La Jolla; it was such a pretty little beach town and probably somewhere that I'd love to live if I had the chance. Stay tuned for the next few days- I've got Scottsdale and the Grand Canyon coming up next...