Hiiiiiiii everyone!

Let's just pretend that this photo is supposed to be an extended metaphor for my messy, disorganised personality
I am a nineteen year old pre-university gap year student from a little town nearish London. Student Beauty is a page created with a loose aim of reviewing products that are generally affordable for a student's budget, though there may be a few items I've splurged on, along with probably a few extra fashion/lifestyle posts too.

I started this blog after getting really into beauty and fashion-y sort of videos on YouTube*. After being encouraged by my little brother to stop moaning to him about the latest mascara disaster or running around the house gleefully telling everyone that I finally found that coveted concealer (I wonder if anybody can guess which one), I decided to vent and praise and share my critical opinions to the world.

-SB x

 *(thank you to vivannadoesmakeup, lilypebbles, and essiebutton to name a few).

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